Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How to Design a Website for Maximum Profit

Designing a website is a skill in itself, without the added requirement of search engine optimization that is not the subject here. There are many references to SEO on the internet, but not so many about what salient features should appear on a website. Beginners to internet marketing can find the features required in a website confusing and frequently require some help.

Your website will presumably be based on a theme that may or may not be intended to make you money. Not all internet sites are for making money, and in fact it is only recently that the information sites have been overtaken by the explosion of websites used by people hoping to make their fortune through internet marketing. Unfortunately, over 95% will fail and part of this is due to not being aware of the elements that make a good website.

You must have a graphic near the top of your site that can be either your logo, or some other graphic suggestive of the theme of your site. It can be obvious, such as a dog if your site is about dogs. Many people make the mistake of using altruistic graphics that seem to have no connection to the theme, and that only confuses and annoys visitors.

Try to keep clear of flash graphics: that is those that have a lot of movement and take an age to load. Many people will lose patience and leave. Flash graphics have their place, but it is on the corporate site of a well known company, not on the website of somebody trying to make a few bucks from the visitors that they get. Keep the graphics static, but relevant.

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